Manitoba Socials Guide

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Selling Tickets

If you will be providing alcohol, you may need to sell tickets in advance. The Liquor and Gaming Association of Manitoba manages the rules and regulations for socials. Check out their website for details.

Ticket Prices

The current standard price for a social ticket is $10. While you can charge more per ticket, it is unusual and may put people off of your event. The majority of the money made at a social is done not through door tickets or drinks, but through the raffles.

Printing Tickets

Your ticket should include the location, date and time of the social, as well as the reason of the event (name of the couple for a wedding social), and the price of the ticket. If your guests should be expecting anything out of the ordinary, consider putting additional information on the tickets themselves. If you will be having a door prize, don't forget to put unique numbers on the tickets. You can save money by having your social tickets printed on standard business cards, and numbering them by hand.

How Many?

Deciding how many tickets to print and sell is a delicate issue. Up to a quarter of your guests that purchase tickets may not come, but you don't want to push the hall past capacity.

One option is to get your sellers to carefully ask if the guest plans to attend - if not, have them ask your guest to gift the ticket to you. If you plan to go this route, have a card or "void" social ticket printed up, thanking them for their help.

Where and When to Print Tickets

Get them with the DJ

Book your DJ before you start printing tickets. Many DJ companies will have packages that include tickets and banners.

Do it Yourself

You can get your tickets printed at just about any printing outlet in the city, or search online for ticket or business-card printing services.

If you are computer savvy, you can always buy the paper and print them yourself. You can go with pre-perforated sheets of business cards, or print them on regular card stock and cut them up with a paper cutter.

You will want to print your tickets as soon as you have all the information for them, as some companies will require a voided ticket before they will donate prizes.


The Liquor and Gaming Association of Manitoba manages the rules and regulations for advertising for socials. Check out their website for details.


Selling social tickets will require you to use your network of people. For a wedding social, get the wedding party members to actively sell tickets. Use social media to spread awareness of your event.

Keep your sellers accountable for how many tickets they sell. Keep a master list of every one of your sellers, and how many tickets you have supplied to each. It's a good idea to check in periodically, even weekly, with your sellers to find out how many tickets are remaining. If a ticket goes unsold, you will lose the cost of the ticket, as well as all of the potential liquor and raffle profits.

The people that come to your social make up a large part of the experience. Let your sellers know to use some discretion about selling to their rowdier friends or acquaintances.