Manitoba Socials Guide

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There are plenty of event entertainment companies in Winnipeg to choose from. Whether you choose to go with a band or a DJ, you have options from part time hobbyists to full time professionals. There is a wide variety of skill, experience and equipment, so choose carefully.

When it comes to picking the entertainment, you need to do your homework. Nothing ruins a social like poorly set up equipment and a DJ that could be replaced by an iPod on shuffle. Book early - as soon as you have the date and location confirmed, if possible.


Generally cheaper than a live band, most socials bring in a DJ. A good DJ is more than the guy that hits play on the next CD - as the primary entertainment at your event, choose carefully.

There are a number of big name DJ companies in Winnipeg. Check out reviews online and talk to people you know that have been to or run socials. As much as it may be cheaper to hire the friend-of-a-friend who happens to own some DJ gear, your best bet is to find someone with proven experience. Your DJ needs to know how to manage his equipment, his catalogue, the sound quality of the hall, as well as managing the crowd and getting people excited.

When you are scouting out a DJ for your social, interview the DJ that you are considering if at all possible. This way you get a feel for who will be running your event. If the DJ seems questionable, or ill at ease, move on and find someone else. Try to make sure that the contract specifies the DJ that you interviewed - there's no sense interviewing one when someone else will be at your event.

Live Band

A live band can bring a lot of excitement to your event. Manitoba is full of talented (and experienced) musicians.

If you choose to book a live band for your social, do your best to find a chance to see them in a similar setting before you book them. Experience is very important - make sure that the band you pick knows how to keep your party rolling.

Ask Questions!

What to ask about your entertainer:

Many DJ companies now supply extras, such as pre-printed event banners and social tickets, so you will want to have your DJ booked as soon as you have the hall booked.

If you are running a wedding social, find out if you can get discounts for booking your social and reception with the same company.

Make sure you take the time to talk with your DJ or band about what type of music you want, and what is unacceptable. If you can't bear to hear Stompin' Tom Connors, the Macarena, or have some similar preference, make it as clear as you can.